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BoyarSoft Ltd. was established in Veliko Tarnovo in 2012. The team is experienced and highly motivated. Since its establishment until now BoyarSoft is working on various projects, both independently and jointly with other companies. We have participated in the development of projects for clients from USA, Germany and Bulgaria. Our goal is to satisfy the desires of our customers using the latest methods and technologies.


Our company offers high quality and various software services, using the most widespread programmming languages. We gained long-standing experience in mobile and web applications development, quality, which has contributed much our QA team.

Web development We're trying to produce excellent user-friendly environement for your users, for which purpose we use the most valuable web technologies.

Mobile development Nowadays mobile technologies are irreplaceable part of our daily routine. We have the know-how and experience to give you what you need. We are skilled in creating variety of android and apple mobile applicaitons.

QA We worked on many and various Every software needs to be well tested to prevent unexpected behavior and bugs. We have large experience in this area. Our QA team has gained skills in testing different web and mobile applications.

Intro Relogia


Intro Relogia

Head Quarter
Sofia 1303
Zona B-5 building 9

Dev. Office 1
Veliko Tarnovo 5000
str. Bor 3

Intro Relogia

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